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Ivan Khohlov was born in Moscow in 1945. He started drawing and painting when he was 3 years old. In 1957-1959 he attended the Art Studio of a local Children Leisure Center. In April 1959 one of the works of the young artist was published in Murzilka children magazine. In the same year Vania Khohlov was awarded the Second Prize of Pionerskaya Pravda newspaper for his designe of a stamp.

In 1966 he entered Moscow Polygraphic Institute, the department of Graphic Arts majoring in Graphic Design and graduated in 1972. In 1973 he was became a member of Moscow Devision of the Artists' Union with recommendations from A.A. Sidorov, D.K. Bisty and M. Alpatov.

Since 1972 Ivan Khohlov had worked in the Center of Graphic Arts, for 20 years in all. He created 87 color linoleum engravings with various subjects of Russian and European tales as well as his own tale 'Joyful Dwarfs' which came out in Ilexa Publishing in 1997. All these yeas Ivan has worked with major Moscow publishing houses like Detskaya Kniga, Sovremennik, Yunost, Detgiz, Sovetski Hudozhnik where books with his illustrations came out. In the 80-th his color linoleum engravings were exhibited in many countries Europe, Latin America, Asia

After the Center of Graphic Arts was closed in 1992 Ivan Khohlov found himself unemployed and decided to dedicate all his time to painting and exhibitions. His creativity is blooming and he works on several major projects: The Bible Series, which starts with The Prophets and The Symphony of Sea Series. For this series he creates his own unique mixed technique. He a series of miniatures 'My Beloved Places Around Moscow', continues the Prophets series (gouache, mixed technique), paints a big series 'Barvikha 20 Years Ago. Seasons' (acryl), a series for children 'Life and Wonderful Adventures of a Pony and a Hare' (acryl), a series 'Reminiscences of Breigel. Metamorphosis' (gouache, oil), a series 'Color and Line'; he continues the Bible series with The Deserts. Ivan's latest works are a series 'Creation of the World or The Tree of Life' (mixed technique). Works of this series won the Second Price in an internet contest in Japan last year. The address:

For the past 10 years the artist has exhibited a lot. His first exhibition took place in The State Ostrovski Museum Preodolenie (overcoming) Humanitarian Center. His solo exhibition took place there in 1992. Later his works were exhibited in Izvestia Publishers, in Nega Culture Center (annually); he had two exhibitions with the best National Art Magazine Nashe Nasledie (our heritage); also in the museum of The History of Moscowand in the Library of Foreign Literature (4 times), I Moscow City Duma; his works are exhibited in Sosny Gallery (supervised by the President's administration)on a permanent basis, his solo exhibition took place there in 2002.

The most important press publications:

Izvestia, 1995, author A. Plutnik
The Moscow Times, 1995, author S. Kudenkoff
Nashe Nasledie magazine, 1994, author I. Shvedova
Politika newspaper (Denmark), 1994, author D. Schmidt
Ivan Khohlov Cataligue, Modus Graffiti Publishers sponsored by Nashe Nasledie Magazine and Soros Contemporary Art Center
Dostoinstvo newspaper, 1997, author V. Akhlomov
Professional magazine, 1997, author S> Sergeev
Metsenat (Donor) Foundation Newsletter, 2000
Charity Herald magazine, 2001, author O. Tsigankova
Our Isograph magazine, 2001, author N. Zaitseva
Na Rublevke newspaper, 2002, author V. Leonidov
Kultura newspaper, 2003, author V. Leonidov

Television paid attention to Ivan Khohlov's art several times. The best documentary about him named Preodolenie (overcoming) was made in 1996 by S. Krasinskaya and B. Amarova, there also was a story on TV in the Check republic.

Internet addresses

http://www.vanya.artistportfolio.net (a purely religious site)
http://www.all-original-art.com/artists.html (works for children)



Khohlov's works are exhibited in museums of many cities of Russia
(The museum of Artiom City, Museum of the History of Moscow, State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Moscow State Duma Museum,

Khohlovs works are private collections of M. Rostropovich (works of different series), G. Uranov, A. Shokhin, Ch. Aitmatova (the portrait of Rev. A. Men was given to Aitmatov together with the Prize for 'Connecting Cultures' in Dьsseldorf in 1998, .

Abroad in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany.

Al. MacGeorge (Great Britain) has the largest in Europe collection of the works of 'The Tree of Life' series.

87 color linoleum engravings were sold to Shushenskoye Picture Gellery.
These works were organized into a moving exhibit which traveled all across Siberia for many years.

Last year the artist presentes to the ctown of Bazarny Karabulak (Saratov region) 15 color linoleum engravings for the local museum. They are exhibited in a special room where art lessons also take place.

In 1996 The Russian Culture Foundation bought one work of the Reminiscences of Breigel series.

In the Contemporary Russian Art Ratings published by Professional Artists Union Ivan Khohlov occupies the 3-rd place. It means he is among the artists acclaimed by the art market and public.


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